ModernMarketingModel 12 WebApp

1/ Backlog (LIEN vers tableau)
2/ Persona (Lien vers GITBOOK)
3/ User story
4/ Note (Lien vers note ou Autre QwNote)
5/ Storyboard
6/ Prompter
7/ Colors
8/ Links
9/ Clock & chrono
10/ MoodBoard
11/ Modern marketing Tools
12/ M3 textbook (LIEN)

modern marketing software brought to you by HKteam
A very good website m3 by econsultancy with a perfect report to download
with a great CEO Ashley Friedlein
This is not teach in business school. Ask your administration why they don't bring you with the best knowledge


TEDx on M3 by hubertkratiroff

Ressources OCDE D3-jason utilisation